Manic Creativity

For manic bursts of creative energy

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For manic bursts of creative energy
'Creative minds are rarely tidy'

Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.
Pablo Picasso

For manic bursts of creativity.

There are plenty of creative groups and societies out there, but this isn't necessarily helpful for those of us who create in fits and starts, at odd times of day, or don't always enjoy face to face contact with other creative types. This community aims to provide the manic, antisocial and erratic creators with a forum to share their work at any stage of completion.

It does not necessarily aim to aid creation of masterpieces and it does not aim to judge anyone's skill or talent (although hopes to provide friendly and honest feedback/advice). It aims to be laid-back, friendly and as unstructured as the creative mind.

Posts may cover, but are not limited to: finished or unfinished pieces of writing of any style or genre, sewing projects, baking, knitting projects, artwork, photography and music.

Don't limit yourself to only posting completed pieces of work, and certainly don't worry about posting rough drafts.

Use common sense, place anything triggering/adult behind a cut with a warning, place long posts behind a cut and be polite and courteous to other members. Please promote the community so that regular, interesting content is possible.

Any questions or suggestions should be directed to manic writer, model and aesthetic geek, madamexdeficit.

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